"As Cold Harbor Supervisor, I will fight to preserve the rural
nature and promote the historical significance of Hanover County."
-A. B. Morehead



Sunset at Crowder Farms on Crown Hill Rd.; the rural scenery I want to preserve.


Rush hour traffic at Creighton and Cold Harbor Roads; the scenery our Supervisors have created.

       Having grown up in the Cold Harbor District of Hanover, I have a great appreciation for the rural nature and historical significance of the county.  For the past 15 to 20 years, our Board of Supervisors has been approving residential housing developments at an alarming rate.  For example, according to the county Registrar’s website the number of registered voters in our district has soared from 6571 in November 2003, to 10187 by the June 2007 primary. This is an increase of approximately 35% in three and a half years!
       To these new residents of Hanover, I say welcome to our community.  To the Board, I ask the following questions:  What have you done to prepare for their arrival?  What has been done to ensure their timely commute to and from work?  Have adequate preparations been made to our schools to ensure their children will have a favorable student/teacher ratio, and therefore the absolute best education possible?        
       This 35% increase is indicative of a continuing trend in Hanover.  Exponential growth has been time and time again approved by politicians running, and getting re-elected, on contradictory slow growth platforms.  In addition, this explosive growth plan has been implemented with blatant disregard for the effects it has been having on our county’s citizens and infrastructure.  The results of these endeavors are over crowding schools, atrocious traffic problems, and high property tax increases.  These tax increases are becoming more and more burdensome, particularly on those residents who are on fixed incomes.
       To even further rub salt in the wound, too many cluster developments are being built on hallowed ground.  Many cemeteries have been moved.  In addition, sites of major historical significance are being plowed over for the sake of what the Board calls controlled growth.  One of the most disturbing examples can be found right here in our district.  Pebble Creek is built on the site of the Battle of Bethesda Church, which played a key role in the Cold Harbor campaign of 1864.  The original proffers for Pebble Creek called for, among other things such as a golf course and sewage extension across Walnut Grove Road, a historical park to denote that the battle had taken place there.  Yet, the developers were not held to these proffers. 
       It is important to remember, once you build that 400 or 500 home subdivision on a farm or historically significant tract of land, you will never get it back.  If properly marketed, the historical significance of the Cold Harbor area’s repeated role in the Civil War has great economic potential that will benefit all of Hanover.  This seems to be something that is oblivious to our Supervisors.  Hanover needs to embrace its historical significance.  Eastern Hanover was a Civil War hotspot for four years.  Imagine the financial opportunities through tourism our county leadership is not only missing out on, but trying to destroy through development.  This is unacceptable.
       In short, my decision to run for Board of Supervisors is due to our representatives’ growth hungry policies.  The numerous unsolicited favorable comments I received as a result of a letter I wrote to the Editor of the Mechanicsville Local also swayed my decision.This editorial, “Wake up Hanover!”, which ran in January, addressed the explosive growth in Hanover and the Comprehensive Plan update, which the Board passed in the face of overwhelming public opposition this past March.  The letter also mentioned the necessity to allow the infrastructure to catch up with the existing developments and focus on economic redevelopment as opposed to new development.                  From these comments, which were echoed when my campaign announcement ran in the Local, it is apparent to me that the people of Hanover are ready for a change, and they share my sentiments.  Currently, the only voice being heard by the Supervisors of Hanover is the voice of the developers.  I am running to give the people of the Cold Harbor District, and all of Hanover, a voice of common sense reason on the Board, louder and more determined then that of the developers. 

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