"As Cold Harbor Supervisor, I will fight to preserve the rural
nature and promote the historical significance of Hanover County."
-A. B. Morehead


        Financial contributions are an important part of any political campaign.  No amount is too small.  Whether you would be willing to contribute $5, $10, $25, or more, every penny will help spread my message of common sense leadership for Hanover.  Please keep in mind, any contributions of $100 or more, per state law, require name, address and occupation information.
        There are, however, many ways to contribute to this endeavor other than financial donations.  Your involvement in my grass-roots campaign is an integral part of our success in liberating the government of Hanover County from the grip of the developers.  Anything you are willing to do would be greatly appreciated.  Maybe you would be willing to talk to neighbors about my campaign or volunteer to hand out literature at your polling place on election day.  Perhaps you would like to display a yard sign or magnetic bumper sticker on your car.  I am also open to new ideas and, most importantly, your views on how to make Eastern Hanover a better place to live.
        To get involved or send a campaign contribution, contact me at:

                                    Friends of Andrew B. Morehead
                                    PO Box 1063
                                    Mechanicsvillle, VA  23111

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